‘Entreprenude’ | My journey as a starting entrepreneur



´Naakt Ondernemen | De Naakte waarheid.´

In EntrepreNude, my YouTube #Vlog, I share my journey and challenges as a starting entrepreneur since the beginning of 2018. I share the real raw and nude story with the successes. Everyone can share what worked but it is more vulnerable to share what went wrong and how you dealt with that. These SHORT videos are meant so inspire you as a starting entrepreneur to keep going or if you are dreaming about starting to go out there in that big exciting world full of twists and turns and pursuit that dream.

Part 1


Part 5

De mening die niet bij je past

Part 9

Creatief met fitness video’s

Part 2

Nooit en altijd vrij

Part 6

Ik ben alles

Part 10

Ruimte om te dromen

Part 3

4 korte termijn succesen

Part 7

Op bezoek bij je moeder

Part 11

Creëren en reflecteren

Part 4

Tijd winnen

Part 8

Flex-en netwerken.